The Chefs’ Knowledge
The Modern Culinary Repertoire

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The Chefs’ Knowledge will be released in September 2022 at a special launch event (TBA).

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At The Chefs’ Forum we understand how hard it is for colleges to teach chef students the basics of cooking professionally. We also understand, from our work with chefs, how hard it is for them to train chef recruits – especially at the moment.

For that reason, we have designed and produced our first ever book for student chefs called The Chefs’ Knowledge – The Modern Culinary Repertoire.

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We want every catering student in every college, private training institution, as well as junior chefs in all kitchens in all sectors to have a copy of this ingenious ‘go-to’ guide for modern cookery, truly reflecting what employers need them to know, as they have all contributed to it.In publishing this book, we have made massive strides towards bridging the gap between education and industry and the chefs now feel like they are involved in shaping what students are learning in colleges – This is so very positive and was very much needed.

James Martin Foreword

Celebrity chef James Martin has written a brilliantly detailed foreword, letting young chefs know the importance of learning the basic skills needed to work in good kitchens and that they need this as early as they can get it.

"All of the brilliant chefs who kindly give up their time to teach in our colleges as part of The Chefs' Forum Academy programme of curriculum enrichments, have contributed to the book. They have also giving their personal take on how best to create the perfect version of each recipe featured, as well as handy expert hints and tips on how best to work with various ingredients.

This is 'money-can’t-buy' insider information that updates and enriches the curriculum and is available to your students and junior brigade members in one brilliant, portable publication, that can act as a constant reference guide to modern recipes and cooking techniques.

The book, published by Chefs’ Forum Founder Catherine Farinha and written by Chefs’ Forum editor Chandos Elletson, is both a guide to overcoming the hurdles of moving from student into the industry and a comprehensive list of the 100 dishes every chef should know - with recipes written by leading chefs..

Each interview and each dish is a lesson in itself and the reader of the book will have at their fingertips a unique opportunity to master the skills required to really make it as a chef from the start."

The Chefs’ Knowledge is the perfect book for chef students because it is so much more than a text book. This is deliberate. We wanted to produce something that a chef graduate can use to make their start in professional cooking as seamless as possible. To do that we enlisted a stellar group of chefs to reveal their secrets to success and divulge the tips and processes that make their recipes the best of their kind.